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Naruto, the Strongest Ninja in Konoha

People want to be loved and admired. A few who have been hated by the people around them develop negative feelings such as anger and loneliness. Naruto was one of these people; but instead of staying away and hiding from the public’s eyes, he decided to excel and become the best ninja of Konoha. He thought that this will help dispel the suspicions of the people in his village about him. He wanted them to consider him as one of them and to play, talk and work with them. However, this seemed impossible because the people believed in what they thought: that a demon was inside the boy’s body.

Naruto was not an evil boy but the circumstances that surrounded his birth made people detest him. Before the boy Naruto was born, the village was attacked by a demon fox. The people fought this evil creature and many villagers were killed during the battles. Luckily, the strongest ninja in Konoha came and successfully trapped the evil fox inside the body of a human being and in that instance, Naruto was also born. There was no proof that the evil fox transferred to Naruto’s body but the villagers were all in agreement that inside the body of this boy was the evil fox that caused the death of their loved ones just to protect them from the savage demon fox.

Naruto, on his part, decided to prove to the villagers that he was not what they thought him to be. So, he decided to become the greatest ninja of Konoha. He had to undergo a lot of painful episodes in his life. He realized that life could be difficult for people who were prejudged by people around him. The boy was betrayed and people lied to him. The road towards fame and power was a hard journey for him

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